The art of the human body and the art of perfect fit.

The philosophy of UNIQSIZE is based on the golden section and the same studies that Leonardo da Vinci made to show that all the different parts of the human body are related by the golden section. The golden section is also known as the divine proportion.

The constructions and gradings of the UNIQSIZE jeans & trousers are strongly related to the divine proportions, as we know these product developments result in great looks for the customers.

However, the ideal figure does not exist in our world. Through our concept we create the ideal figure for any consumer – no matter size, figure type, height or ethnical background.

The UNIQSIZE is composed as follows:

When you have your UNIQSIZE you can fit all jeans & trousers incorporating UNIQSIZE no matter waist, height, fit or design details.

It is simple……. It is not you who must fit the jeans, but the jeans that must fit you.

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